Introducing the R 'gimms' package

Florian Detsch
E-Mail [email protected]

The R gimms package provides a set of functions to

  • retrieve information about AVHRR GIMMS NDVI3g files currently available online;
  • download (and re-arrange, in the case of older product versions) the half-monthly datasets;
  • import downloaded files from native binary (ENVI) or NetCDF (.nc4) format directly into R based on the popular raster package;
  • perform comprehensive quality control based on the companion quality flags;
  • calculate monthly value composites (e.g., using the maximum value) from the half-monthly input data;
  • and derive long-term monotonic trends from the Mann-Kendall test, optionally featuring pre-whitening to account for lag-1 autocorrelation.

This comprehensive tutorial introduces the package and includes a selection of application examples. For latest functionality updates and bug-fixes, please refer to the official gimms GitHub repository maintained by the Environmental Informatics working group at Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany.

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